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Where the Magic Happens: Infusing Oils with Botanicals and Sacred Intention

Many of the creations at Moon Spirit Organics contain a carrier oil such as Jojoba, Grape, or Almond. But what you might not know is that each oil goes through a very sacred 6-week infusion process, beginning on the New Moon.

First, I clear my own energy with my Sacred Spray, and then I work to create a beautiful atmosphere in the room with beeswax candles, essential oils, and high vibrational music.

I set a loving intention for the oil to extract all the goodness and benefits from gorgeous organic roses, lavender, and calendula.

Once the flowers are submerged in oil, the oil sits in a dark cupboard, where it is protected from light and energetic interferences. On each bottle there is a hand written mantra or affirmation such as "I am worthy of love."

Every few days I swirl the bottle of oil and make sure the plants and plant energy are activated. I then repeat the affirmation on the bottle to keep that pure loving wish alive for the women who will be using these oils.

The oil passes through several moon phases; from new to full to new and back to full again (about 6 weeks) soaking up all the potent energy contained in those transitional cycles.

After that time, the plants are strained from the oil and given back to the earth to be be composted. The oil is then ready to be used in serums, bath bombs, and creams!

There is A LOT of love in these processes, from myself and the plants. I show up as the most radiant and grateful person when I am creating so I can be sure all this medicine goes to you and your beautiful heart.

And every time I create these products, it's medicine for me too, and for that I thank you.

All my love, Johanna

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