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Bathroom As Sanctuary

I try to remember that the bathroom is a place of cleansing body, mind and Spirit.

I try to respect the space by clearing clutter, cleaning, and creating elements that remind me to practice my daily rituals in a sacred manner.

This little shelf is one place my eyes can fall and register that taking care of my body can be a spiritual practice when I do it with intention and without hurrying.

We all have at least 2 minutes a day where we can look at ourselves in the mirror while we apply a nourishing oil onto our face.

When I apply my face serum, I will repeat an affirmation that grounds me and connects me with the body in front of me. It's a moment where I can pause to honor myself for showing up.

You may be surprised to know that I have never really been a person interested in body care products! Creating Moon Spirit Organics has never been about trying to defy aging, improve my beauty, or make promises to women that I can't keep.

The reason I am now so interested in creating nourishing body care products is because we live so much in our minds that we often forget we even have a body. The simple act of applying oil to your face, to your body, or to your feet connects you to the present moment and sends a message to your very core that you are with yourself. Resting in a salt bath brings our body peace, encourages relaxation, and opens space for contemplation.

Body Care means caring for our body! The body is the vessel of our lifetime. It's how we experience all sensations, experiences, and senses. Connecting with our body allows us to be truly with ourselves. And it's only when we're with ourselves that true healing and care can occur. Healing can't happen in the future, it can only happen in the present, and when we stay with ourselves we are firmly rooted in the current moment where we actually exist.

It's my hope that women using these creations will experience these moments of oneness with their own hearts and spirits, even if it's only for 2 minutes a day.

All my love,


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