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Hello Lovely!

I'm Johanna. Writer. Mother. Botanical Skincare Creator. Big believer in Self Love, Sacred Self Tending and Nature as Healer.

Here at Moon Spirit Organics, I have a vision of each woman seeing herself in the mirror with love, acceptance and gratitude.

I see her anointing herself with these nourishing oils and plant medicine that create a strong barrier of protection for body, mind, and soul.

 I see her taking time for herself, without guilt, to lavish care on her beautiful body.

Want to know how I ended up here? Read more below.

 I'm so very happy that you’re here!

I’ve been studying and experimenting with plant medicine my whole life. Even as a child, I was so drawn to flowers, trees, and plants for their beautiful healing properties. I just knew, even then, that when I was in nature, I felt complete acceptance and love.  As a highly sensitive person, there are so many places in the world where I haven’t felt free to be who I truly am. But in nature, there is no pretending. We get to enter into total unity and acceptance. And it feels so good!

I began creating these magical skincare concoctions after a time where I was anchorless in the world.

I was thrown into a huge life transition when my husband (who I adored) abandoned our marriage. It was a time of deep grief, loss, confusion, shame, and shadow.

Somehow, I decided I would not fall into despair, and instead I would heal this wound and all the wounds that came before it. I would stay the course and keep moving towards whole-heartedness.

I decided to say yes to anything I was interested in. And one of the first things I found was a botanical skincare course. Creating the recipes and learning about herbs and ritual ignited some life back into me.


I felt joy and gratitude again and my family and friends told me that these creations needed to be shared with more women.

Over the course of a few years, I have experienced tremendous love and support from plants, trees, animal messengers and angels (human and otherwise!) I've learned to care for myself as if my life depended on it.


I learned to pour light into all the parts of myself that I feared were not loveable. And I discovered that we ALL have these secret places in our hearts. We all feel the separation from whatever source we believe in. And the only way out is to love ourselves, exactly as we are in this moment.  It's work that we are never finished, but I like to consider it an honour.

For me, learning to practice the rituals of tending to my body through Anointing and Sacred baths led me to a deeper self love. We live so much in our minds that we often forget we even have a body! I firmly believe that learning to care for our physical bodies will actually bring us closer to all levels of healing.

When you use these creations, I hope you feel a sense of the sacredness of showing up for yourself and of your deep worth in this world. And just imagine if every woman began her day in this way! The world would be a very different place. No more not good enough, no more staying small, playing safe, or acting from fear. Just showing up as you are, who you REALLY are.


Here’s to the journey babe,

With love,


Special thanks to my gorgeous and intuitive daughter, Eily, for coming up with name Moon Spirit.

Special thanks to my beautiful and wise son, Fynn, for being so unconditional with his love and support. You have both been my greatest teachers in this life!

Feel like you might be a kindred spirit? Sign up for my New Moon Musings! A dear friend said when she reads it, it's like covering herself in a warm blanket!

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