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What's to love? These luxurious bath bombs will help you set your intentions and plant the seeds of your wildest visions ahead. Use to dream new dreams, go inward, or to wind down at the end of the day.


Organic essential oils of lavender, bitter orange, sandalwood, and ravintsara from local high quality creators. Bath bomb is naturally coloured with organic beet powder


Every ingredient is sourced with great care and consideration for you and the earth.


Each bath bomb is approximately 100 grams.

New Moon Bath Bomb

SKU: 0006
PriceFrom C$7.00
  • How to Create a Sacred Bath:

    Prepare a hot bath and drop your gorgeous bath flower into the water.  Watch as the effervescent dissolves into the water and just be there in that moment. stay there with the knowledge that you are worthy of tender care and love. Intention is everything, so give yourself permission to rest your beautiful body for as long as you possibly can. Add a beeswax candle, soothing music or your favourite meditation to elevate the experience.

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