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Why Herbal Infusions and Motherhood go Hand in Hand

If you're mothering all-in, chances are you've run yourself ragged more than once. Mothering is exhausting, and beautiful, and transformational. But we do need to stress the exhausting part right? That's where our herbal allies (as Susan Weed likes to call them)* come in very handy.

Herbal tea is always my go to, but herbal infusions? That's the stuff of deep nourishment. To me, herbal infusions are the most gentle and loving way to mother a mother. Infusions differ from tea by the amount of herbs used and the length of steeping time. Typically an infusion uses one ounce of dried herb, steeped for at least four hours, or sometimes over night!

If you're in the midst of burnout or are heading in that direction, I strongly urge you to start drinking herbal infusions every day, or at least five days a week. It's totally doable, I promise. All you need to do is measure out one dried ounce of your herb of choice and add it to a quart sized mason jar. Pour boiled water over the herbs until the water reaches the top of the jar. Put a lid on it and let it sit overnight. In the morning, drain the herbs, and drink your tea! You can drink 1-2 cups a day and store the rest in the fridge. (You do need to drink it within 48hrs). If you have any left over you can add it to your bath, rinse your hair with it, or even water your plants with it.

My Two Favourite Herbal Infusions for Mothers:

Stinging Nettle: According to Susan Weed, nettle is known to enhance mood, energy, and support the adrenals. It's also super high in calcium (1000 milligrams per quart ), B vitamins, Vitamin K, protein, and many trace minerals. If you need serious nourishment and invigoration, drink nettle infusion every day for at least four weeks, and you'll feel your energy building gently but powerfully, from the inside out. The strong taste of nettle can be improved by adding a small amount of peppermint, or a bit of honey :)

Oat Straw: If your nervous system is a little frazzled or you're in a time of grief, Oatstraw will sing you home again. This herb is known to help with sleeplessness, grief, tension, and hormonal systems. Oatstraw is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and many trace minerals as well. This is a very mild tasting infusion (I can drink this one all day!)

Herbal infusions have carried me through some really dark times, rejuvenating my heart and keeping my spirit on course. And it's not just the herbs that possess the healing power either, it's also the act of doing something good for yourself every single day. You're hammering home that message to your very psyche and all the cells in your body that you matter, that you love yourself, and that no matter what, you will always show up for your own sweet self.

So much love to you!

*Susan Weed is a remarkable Herbal Wise Woman, so check out her site here:

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