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What is Sacred Self-Tending?

It's a way of showing up for yourself and caring for your body with reverence.  It's small acts of devotion for you and for you alone.

We can do this by harnessing the magic of plant wisdom to anoint, nourish, and lavish care

on our bodies.  

We can create simple daily rituals as a way of honouring these precious vessels we call home.

And when we commit to our care, even in small increments, we feel the sacredness of showing up for ourselves and of our deep worth in this world.

Image by Jake Weirick
The Vision: To Anchor into the Rest, Root, Rise and Release Phases of the Moon as a way of Honouring our Own Life Cycles

All products are created with organic, sustainable and simple ingredients. No parabens. No synthetics. No GMOS. No yucky things you don't want in your body.

When I create products, it's a sacred, high vibrational experience. Deep intention goes into the process. Beautiful healing music, mantras, gratitude, everything I can do to gift the user with as much love as possible

Carrier oils are infused with organic lavender, rose, and calendula for a 6 week period. You're getting huge additional benefits from healing herbs in every product! Infusions begin on a New Moon, and end at the very potent Full moon. 

Each product contains a special blend of flower essences to add even more nourishing, healing, and energetic support to your daily rituals. 


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